Zewei Mo

PhD Student

Department of Computer Science

University of Pittsburgh



Currently I am a first-year CS PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Pittsburgh, co-advised by Prof. Youtao Zhang and Prof. Xulong Tang. From July 2022 to July 2023, I worked at Intel as a GCC compiler engineer. Prior to that, I gained my M.Eng. degree with Professor Xianwei Zhang as my graduate advisor in arcSYSu at Sun Yat-sen University. And I received my B.Eng. degree in Software Engineering at South China University of Technology in 2020.

My research interest lies in the compiler optimization.



#: equal contribution

FCM: A Fusion-aware Wire Cutting Approach for Measurement-based Quantum Computing (To appear)

Zewei Mo, Yingheng Li, Aditya Pawar, Xulong Tang, Jun Yang and Youtao Zhang

DAC 2024

KeSCo: Compiler-based Kernel Scheduling for Multi-task GPU Applications

Zejia Lin#, Zewei Mo#, Xuanteng Huang, Xianwei Zhang, Yutong Lu

ICCD 2023

RollBin: reducing code-size via loop rerolling at binary level

Tianao Ge, Zewei Mo, Kan Wu, Xianwei Zhang, Yutong Lu

LCTES 2022

moTuner: a compiler-based auto-tuning approach for mixed-precision operators

Zewei Mo, Zejia Lin, Xianwei Zhang, Yutong Lu

CF 2022


Intel Corporation, China                                Jun 2022 - Jul 2023
GCC Compiler Engineer